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10 Summer Luxuries Teachers Already Miss A Lot

With the exception of a lucky few, the school year is already underway for the rest of us! Summer is a time for teachers to become human again, to relax and recharge. But there are a few subtle luxuries of summer break, in particular, that teachers appreciate and miss most. Here they are... 

Sorry summer school teachers! 

1. Peeing whenever you want.

 sumer luxuries bored teachers 1

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2. Going out to lunch like normal people.

sumer luxuries bored teachers 2 

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3. Chewing your food.

sumer luxuries bored teachers 3

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4. Drinking coffee before it gets cold.

tomorrow's leaders coffee travel mug bored teachers 

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5. Reading a book not written for children.

sumer luxuries bored teachers 4 

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6. Wearing comfortable clothes.

 sumer luxuries bored teachers 5

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7. No bells or fire drills ringing in your ears.

 sumer luxuries bored teachers 6

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8. Not having to set your alarm clock.

 sumer luxuries bored teachers 7

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9. Speaking without being interrupted.

 sumer luxuries bored teachers 8

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10. Silence... sweet silence (unless you have kids of your own at home!)

sumer luxuries bored teachers 10

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