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11 Problems Only Teachers Will Understand


No one ever said it would be easy!

1. Struggling to engage 40 kids on a Monday morning...

monday morning bored teachers via Giphy

2. Sitting through mandatory staff meetings at the end of a long day of teaching...

meetings bored teachers via Giphy

3. Students "friending" you on Facebook...

students following you bored teachers

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4. Getting interrupted by a pencil sharpener multiple time a day...

pencil sharpener bored teachers

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5. Battling germs every day...

germs bored teachers

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6. Being asked questions that make you lose faith in the future of humanity...

stupid questions bored teachers

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7. Unannounced observations...

unannounced observations bored teachers

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8. Touching something wet in your classroom and not knowing what it is or why it's wet...

touching something wet bored teachers via Giphy

9. Being asked awkward questions during Parent-Teacher conferences...

awkward questions bored teachers via Giphy

10. Curing a pounding headache with a movie day and a game called "First Person to Make a Noise Loses"...

headache bored teachers

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11. Not having a moment to drink your morning coffee until noon time...

tomorrow's leaders coffee mug, travel mug, teacher gift, bored teachers

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