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11 Stereotypes That Drive Female Teachers Crazy

Whether it's from the students, parents, or our male teacher colleagues, us women teachers deal with a lot of crap as underpaid educators. While female teachers dominate the teaching industry, we are constantly being stereotyped instead of being appreciated for how serious we take our jobs. Here is a list of a few stereotypes we have to deal with on a daily basis that will hopefully give you something to laugh at on your Monday back to school!

1. "Women have an innate maternal instinct, so that's why they're good at teaching kids..."

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 2. "Female teachers don't know how to keep their cool in the classroom."

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4. "If you're a female gym coach, you're probably a lesbian."

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5. "The only reason kids like female teachers better is because they see them as a mother figure..."

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6. "She's way too good-looking to be a smart teacher..."

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7. Parents: "If you wear a skirt to school, you're a slut trying to seduce my son."


8. When you have a rough day at work, it's probably because you have your period.

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9. If you're nice with male students, you're a flirting sex offender.

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10. "Oh, you teach kids? So you're like a babysitter right?"

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11. If you're seen by a parent having a glass of wine outside of school, you have a drinking problem.

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