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15 Reasons Why a Teacher Would Make a Great President

In light of the presidential transition, we decided to throw a little humour into the mix of serious political talks. Even though a teacher probably WOULD make an ideal president, let's get real... Current teachers don't have the time to be president, and retired teachers are definitely too burnt out to bother. But we can still have fun and imagine. Here's why we think a teacher would make a pretty awesome president!

1. Getting up in front of a crowd of people doesn't scare us!teacher for president bored teachers 1 

2. Oh, we know how to handle stressful situations...teacher for president bored teachers 2

3. Give us a problem, we'll give you a solution!teacher for president bored teachers 3

4. We do what we do to make a difference, not for the money or fame (obviously)...teacher for president bored teachers 4

5. We know how to laugh, take a joke, and be silly when it's needed most...teacher for president bored teachers 5

6. HARD WORK? Pshh! We don't only do it, we teach it!teacher for president bored teachers 6

future is in my classroom t-shirts bored teachers

7. We definitely know how to take a punch or two...teacher for president bored teachers 7

8. No one cares more about the future of EVERYONE'S children than a teacher!teacher for president bored teachers 8

9. First line of business as president... PAY TEACHERS MORE MONEY! 😄teacher for president bored teachers 9

10. We put the 'multi' in multitasking!teacher for president bored teachers 10

11. We are experts at creating safe environments for everyone...teacher for president bored teachers 11

12. We truly believe we can change the world, one classroom at a time!teacher for president bored teachers 12

13. Teachers know best that we should never stop learning.teacher for president bored teachers 13

14. We can survive any bad day... teacher for president bored teachers 14

15. We understand the power of collaboration... (and tasty snacks in the break room!)teacher for president bored teachers 15

What do you think? Can you think of any other reasons a teacher would make an awesome president? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Sandra Y. Mueller on

    I believe a teacher could become an effective US president if he or she takes on the challenge of designing an educational system that meets all the needs of our 21st century youngest generation as well as the nation. Along with the reading, writing, and arithmetic they all need guidance in leadership and critical thinking skills along with computer skills. Let’s be sure the children are equipped to be good learners: nutritious meals, glasses or hearing assistance if needed; a few adults who have their backs 24/7; self-esteem and interpersonal skills. And time to develop mentally, physically, and emotionally. Let’s make the school day and the school year appropriate for greater learning. Why are we still using the calendar that was perfect for our agricultural society? The person who makes the department of defense second to the department of education will be an awesome leader who gets more for each tax dollar spent. Developmental assistance in educational centers; not
    bigger prisons. More time in beneficial activity; not hanging around and getting caught in crime. And on and on the dream could go.
    Remember what President Eisenhower cautioned in 1961: Beware of the military – industrial complex.

  • Annelise on

    We have more education than a majority of the population since we have to take classes even after the credential program just to move up the pay scale. Over 180 units and counting.

  • Paula on

    Because we care!!!

  • Helen Rhodes on

    Teacher’s know how to creatively live on and stretch a budget.

  • Annabel Busby on

    I agree with you 100%. Our current Canadian prime minister was a former teacher. He has a vision, he knows how to listen, he addresses injustices, and he is inclusive. He may have already possessed these principles before he became a teacher but I believe that being a teacher definitely sharpened them. And boy, do teachers ever know how much hard work is involved in any type of great achievement!

  • Nancy on

    We RULE being flexible! Negotiations are our forte!

  • Nicole G on

    I think teachers would make the most of the best president of all, since they prove to have all the skills needed and they qualify with high grades for this kind of position, they can teach us how to do the best for our country by being the living example.

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