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26 Signs You’ve Been Teaching For a Long Time

The everyday life of teaching is highly underestimated. If you’ve been doing it for years, then it has definitely taken its toll, and you can probably relate to just about every single one of these signs!

1. Multi-tasking has become more than 2nd nature, it’s instinct.bored teachers too long 1


2. Trying to find a sub is one of the hardest tasks you have.

bored teachers too long 2

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3. Going shopping usually means you need new markers, folders, and staples.

bored teachers too long 25


4. You don’t care who they are, you don't allow anybody to lean back in their chairs!  

bored teachers too long 4

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5. Movie days are becoming more frequent in your class.

teaching too long


6. You’ve become the master at the “smile & nod without listening” from endless parent-teacher conferences.

bored teachers too long 6

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7. You’ve mastered the art of devouring entire meals in between classes.

bored teachers too long 7


8. You get truly pissed off when you see the same mistakes over & over when you grade papers.

bored teachers too long 8

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9. You think about freaking out in class on a daily basis…and sometimes you do.

bored teachers too long 9

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10. This is what your mornings look like.

bored teachers too long 10

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11. This is what you have to deal with in class every day.

teaching cell phones


12. You no longer care if you run into parents outside of school in your sweats.

bored teachers too long 12


13. Your school desk drawer is a combination of chocolate covered coffee beans, candy, Red Bull, red pens, and Aspirin.

bored teachers too long 13


14. All the muscles in your body relax when the bell rings.

bored teachers too long 14


15. You give impossible tasks to students just to watch them suffer trying.

bored teachers too long 15

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16. You get depressed at the end of every school break.

bored teachers too long 16

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17. You’ve lost all your patience when kids make mistakes in class and react on first instinct.

bored teachers too long 17

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18. This is your reaction every time you get your paycheck.

bored teachers too long 18

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19. You often daydream about doing this to those misbehaving students who don’t know when to stop!

bored teachers too long 19

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20. You secretly feel angry when people interrupt conversations without raising their hand.

bored teachers too long 20


21. You push in random chairs at restaurants while you’re leaving.

chairs in restaurants bored teachers

22. You hate being called into a meeting with the Principal as much as students do.

bored teachers too long 22

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23. You look at students like this when they ask what to do after you just gave the instructions.

bored teachers too long 23

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24. You have no desire to go out and socialise on the weekends after talking all week in class.

bored teachers too long 24

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25. You have 100's of students you call "your kids" because they all leave a special footprint on your class my kids green coffee mug bored teachers

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26. Your most favourite day of the year is no longer Christmas, but the last day of school.

bored teachers too long 26


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