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25 Powerful Quotes To Celebrate Black History Month

In the wise words of Morgan Freeman, "Black History is American history," and it ought to be taught and celebrated in every classroom. So we put together this list of amazing quotes from several important figures in history. Feel free to print them out and hang them on your bulletin boards for daily inspiration, introduce them to spark conversation, or during warm-up before reading a book or story about Black history.


Black History Month Quotes - Frederick Douglas - Bored Teachers



Black History Month Quotes- Michelle Obama - Bored Teachers

3. Black History Month Quotes-  Bored Teachers

4. Black History Month Quotes- Mary McLeod Bethune - Bored Teachers

5. Black History Month Quotes- Rosa Parks - Bored Teachers6. 

Black History Month Quotes - Harriet Tubman - Bored Teachers


Black History Month Quotes- Thurgood Marshall - Bored Teachers

8. Black History Month Quotes- Morgan Freeman - Bored Teachers

9.Black History Month Quotes- Martin Luther King - Bored Teachers

10.Black History Month Quotes- Coretta Scott King - Bored Teachers

11.Black History Month Quotes- Dr Mae Jemison - Bored Teachers

12.Black History Month Quotes- Franklin A Thomas - Bored Teachers

13.Black History Month Quotes- Maya Angelou - Bored Teachers

14.Black History Month Quotes- Ralph Ellison - Bored Teachers

15.Black History Month Quotes- Zora Neale Hurston - Bored Teachers

16.Black History Month Quotes- Carol Moseley Braun - Bored Teachers

17.Black History Month Quotes - Carol Moseley Braun - Bored Teachers

18.Black History Month Quotes - James Baldwin - Bored Teachers

19.Black History Month Quotes - Nelson Mandela - Bored Teachers

20. Black History Month Quotes - Marian Wright Edelman - Bored Teachers

21.Black History Month Quotes - Denzel Washington - Bored Teachers

22.Black History Month Quotes - Ola Joseph - Bored Teachers


Black History Month Quotes- Colin Powell - Bored Teachers

24.Black History Month Quotes - Alice Walker - Bored Teachers


Black History Month Quotes - Langston Hughes - Bored Teachers

What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments!


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