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How Teachers Feel During the Month of December

 December is one of the hardest months of teaching. With Winter break approaching, the kids are off the walls and there is never enough time to finish everything you need to do. Stay calm, you're not alone!

1. Trying to be jolly in lieu of the chaos...

jolly bored teachersvia Giphy

2. Counting down the days, hours, and minutes until winter break...

grinch bored teachersvia Giphy

3. Sitting in staff meetings the week before break...

staff meetings bored teachersvia Giphy

4. Trying not to get sick during flu season... and/or working through the sickness!

flu bored teachersvia Giphy

5. Trying to catch up on all the grading you haven't done...

grading papers bored teachersvia Giphy

6. Dealing with parents who want to know what their kid will miss while they're taking an early vacation...

copying bored teachersvia Giphy

7. When your job is more crowd control than actually teaching...

parents bored teachersvia Giphy

8. Getting unannounced observations the week before break...

observed bored teachersvia Giphy

9. Before school every day...

before school bored teachersvia Giphy

10. After school every day...

teacher off duty wine glass bored teachers

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But don't worry, you're almost there!

you can do it bored teachersvia Giphy

Watch the video version below:



bored teachers blog

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